Tips & Tricks to Help You Prepare for Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom bowl sink

Completing a bathroom renovation can be a challenge, especially if this is the only bathroom in your house or the main bathroom your family uses. You can quickly become overwhelmed & stressed from the renovation process if you are not properly prepared. It is important to know what to expect from the beginning so you […]

The Top 5 Bathroom Layout Mistakes to Avoid

White bathroom layout mistakes

Have you thought about renovating your bathroom? Do you wish your space was more functional? When it comes to a bathroom renovation you most likely have thought about reconfiguring your space & completely changing the current layout to create a functional bathroom that fits within your daily routines. Putting in a new bathroom is not […]

Top Bathroom Design Trends in 2021

Trendy bathroom design 2021

Apart from the kitchen the bathroom is one of the most loved & used spaces in your home. The bathroom is a great space to begin your design refresh. This is where you spend the most time by yourself. When done correctly the bathroom easily transforms into your own personal sanctuary. Helping you create a self-care […]

How to Stay on Track During a Home Renovation Project

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When taking on a home renovation project the first question many will ask is, how long will this take? The answer will depend on the home renovation project. Do you plan to make minor improvements, or are looking to completely gut your current space and start from scratch? These are important questions to ask yourself […]

Top Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Building construction site

Have you considered hiring a contractor to complete one of the home renovation projects on your list. If you’ve never hired a contractor to do work at your house, the process might seem overwhelming at first. You probably have multiple questions and concerns running through your mind and aren’t sure where to begin. It’s important […]

How to Make Your Powder Room Look Larger

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The powder room is a space some find hard to transform due to its size, but there are actually multiple ways you can transform this small space to make it feel larger and add comfort. When it comes to remodeling your powder room it’s important to understand how you want this room to function and […]

Top Mistakes to Avoid During Your Home Renovation Projects

Paint roller with white paint inside a tray

Are you thinking about starting a home renovation project but are unsure where to begin? Home renovation projects can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never completed one before. If the project isn’t done right the first time, your budget can take a major hit for additional repair costs, and your timeline will have to be […]

The Top Ways Your Bathroom Tile Can Transform Your Space

White hexagon bathroom tiles

When it comes to selecting tile the options can quickly become overwhelming. The key is to take a step back and think about your ideal bathroom design and play with your options, because there are plenty of them. Some of your best bathroom designs will come from you playing around with the tile shape, color, […]

Top Bathroom Design Trends to Consider in 2020

Trendy Bathroom Design 2020

Your bathroom might be the one place in your house where you can find peace after a long day. Do you dream about a walk in shower with multiple shower heads or even a bathtub designed for a spa? A complete bathroom remodel can help transform your bathroom into a more modern and personalized space. […]

How to Budget for a Bathroom Renovation

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The average bathroom renovation can be pretty costly, so it’s no wonder many put these types of renovation projects on the back burner. A home renovation project like this can be a big financial commitment, but it is also a great investment. Whether you decide to completely gut your bathroom and start from scratch, or […]