Tips & Tricks to Help You Prepare for Your Bathroom Renovation

Completing a bathroom renovation can be a challenge, especially if this is the only bathroom in your house or the main bathroom your family uses. You can quickly become overwhelmed & stressed from the renovation process if you are not properly prepared. It is important to know what to expect from the beginning so you can properly plan & organize your schedule ahead of time. 

There are multiple factors to consider before you start you bathroom renovation. From preparing a realistic budget, to selecting your materials & creating your design you need to carefully consider each task & what it entails.

Here are the top 5 tips & tricks to help you prepare for your bathroom renovation.

  1. Know your Lead Times. The first step in properly preparing yourself for a bathroom renovation is confirming your lead times. You need to make sure the renovation won’t take any longer than it has too. A detailed construction schedule will include delivery dates, subcontractor schedules, & the construction breakdown. This is key in ensuring everything arrives on time to keep everything on schedule. 
  2. Stay Informed about the Construction Process. A home renovation project can get messy if the construction crew isn’t properly cleaning up at the end of the day. Have a thorough discussion with your contractor about the cleaning process during construction. Ask how they will be protecting the floor, staging the area for when materials arrive, & inquire about trash removal. The more questions you ask the better prepared you will be during the construction process. 
  3. Create a bathroom schedule. It is important to create a functional bathroom schedule for your family. Consider everyones daily routines to properly schedule bathroom times for showering & getting ready for the day. 
  4. Spread Out. In order to avoid traffic jams not only should you create a bathroom schedule you should also consider moving some of the bathroom functions to other spaces. Easily transform a bedroom table into an area where you can get ready for the day. Add a mobile caddy to your list of must haves! Each family member can have an individual caddy filled with their everyday items & easily store it in their room. 

These are just some tips & tricks to help you prepare for your bathroom renovation. Don’t forget to focus on the end result! As stressful the process can be just remember how amazing the outcome is!

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