The Top Basement Design Tips & Trends for 2021

Have you thought about renovating your basement? Completing a basement renovation will not only add value to your home, but it will also give you the extra living space you need. Whether you are looking to add more working space, create an area for your kids, or add an entertainment area the basement can potentially become whatever you want it to be.

Just like every other space in your home basement trends continue to change over the years, depending on what is in style & functional. Here are the top basement remodeling tips & trends to look out for in 2021!

  1. Built-In Shelves. When it comes to remodeling any space in your home one of the first things to consider is storage space. Is your current storage space functional? How would you upgrade your storage? Built-in shelves are the perfect storage solution for any space. Thankfully the basement has multiple nooks & crannies to build shelves & cupboards to expand your storage.
  2. Add a pop of color! This just might be one of the top basement remodeling trends in 2021. Adding a pop of color to your space on one or more walls is a great way to set the mood & create a fun space meant for entertaining. Don’t be afraid to go bold with an accent wall or keep it more neutral with a subtle pastel.
  3. Create workable walls. When you think of a basement you probably think of a dull & dingy unused spaced. Changing your walls is a major part of a basement remodeling project. If you have bare wood or concrete walls consider transforming them into workable walls. You can do this by adding a pop of color or drywall to create a better finish.
  4. Lighting is key! Lighting is key when remodeling your basement. Since the basement is partially or wholly underground you want to make sure you have enough lighting in your space. Ambient or over all lighting is a great choice for your basement. The best way to achieve ambient lighting is through recessed ceiling lights or a more budget friendly option is track lighting.

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