The Best Season to Start Your Home Renovation Project

Have you been considering a home renovation project? Have you been putting it off due to colder weather conditions, your kids school schedule, & trying to manage after school activities? As we continue to see the temperatures rise we also begin to see an increased demand for contractors.

While there are pros & cons to doing renovations in any season, Summer is by far the perfect season to kick start your home renovation project! Due to warmer weather conditions, summer camps & family vacations it becomes much easier to manage your schedule & work around contractors coming in and out of your home.

Here are some key reasons to consider kick starting your home renovation project this Summer.

  1. Summer Break. Trying to manage you kids school schedule as well as extracurricular activities can become quite overwhelming. Thankfully you start to see a break in their schedule in the Summer. With your kids out of school & in Summer camp you can schedule a time to meet with contractors & designers kid free!
  2. Family Vacation. One of the most stressful parts of a home renovation project is having to share your home with the contractors. You have to adjust to the commotion of people coming in & out of your home throughout the day, & depending on the project might not have a livable space for a couple of weeks. Planning a vacation to align with the bulk of your home renovation project allows you to soak up the sun while the work is being done!
  3. Less Rain Means Less Mess. With the rainy season behind us our contractors are able to work more efficiently. There is more daylight hours so workers can stay later in the day to get your job completed on time or even earlier than predicted!
  4. Holiday Ready! One of the main reasons people put off starting a home renovation project during the Fall & Winter months is due to the Holiday’s. It is already stressful enough having to plan each Holiday event, but adding in a kitchen or bathroom renovation project during this can cause a lot of unwanted stress. Kitchen & bathroom remodels are time consuming & costly so you want to make sure you are prepared to take this on while fitting it into your Holiday budget.

Summer might be the perfect season to start a home renovation project, but the perfect time to take on any remodel is one that works best for you! Whether you decide to take on a home renovation project now or later make sure it fits within your schedule & budget!

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