Lumber Prices Continue to Rise, Here is What You Need to Know

If you have looked into starting a home renovation project you have probably noticed the increase in cost for a lot of your materials, especially lumber. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began & the world went into lockdown lumber prices have increased by almost 200 percent since last April. Many are wondering how we got here, what to do, & when this number will decrease.

Since the pandemic hit lumber dealers had to limit shift work in order to comply with the social distancing rules that were put in place. Some companies even had to lay off staff members making it even harder to produce materials.

The increase in lumber cost has caused homebuilders & renovation contractors to see the cost of home renovation projects significantly increase. As more people spent time in their home they began to contemplate renovating multiple spaces throughout their house, but with the increased cost of materials many are having to reimagine & prioritize their renovation projects in order to keep the cost down.

If the price of lumber continues to rise what can you do? Here are some tips & tricks to help you manage the increased price of lumber.

  1. Consider using reclaimed lumber. A majority of reclaimed lumber comes from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. What does this mean? Simply put it is lumber that has been up-cycled from from various sources. If you know someone who has already completed a home renovation project ask them if you can salvage some of the lumber from the job, or consider up-cycling items you have in your home.
  2. Use wooden pallets. Wood pallets are not only great for DIY projects, but they can also be taken apart to be used for whatever materials you might need.
  3. Can you use alternative materials? If you are looking to use less lumber you might want to consider reframing your space completely. You should also consider the materials you were planning on using & research the alternative options available.
  4. Do NOT waste lumber! This is critical! You need to properly plan your project so you can place an accurate lumber order. Consider stock lumber sizes & plan to use whole cuts. You can even ask your local hardware store if they have any offcuts available for you to use so you can avoid over purchasing.

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