The Top 5 Bathroom Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Have you thought about renovating your bathroom? Do you wish your space was more functional? When it comes to a bathroom renovation you most likely have thought about reconfiguring your space & completely changing the current layout to create a functional bathroom that fits within your daily routines.

Putting in a new bathroom is not a cheap task, you want to make sure you spend time designing your new layout so it delivers the function & beauty you are looking for in a space. Every home is different & each layout will vary depending on size!

Here are the top 5 bathroom layout mistakes to avoid.

  1. Fixtures that are too large. Think about the freestanding tub, a feature that has been around for quite some time now! Your layout will be the determining factor on how well a fixture like this will work within your space. You want to make sure that the bath, vanity & shower are the right scale for your bathroom!
  2. Storage space. This is important for every space in your home, especially your bathroom & kitchen! As much as you want to focus on the aesthetic of your space, focusing on function is important too! Consider adding eye-level storage to your bathroom. This will help you incorporate storage space for everyday essentials!
  3. Avoid poor lighting. To create a relaxed space lighting is key. Downlight’s are often too bright for a small space. Consider incorporating a layered lighting design that includes multiple lighting sources in your bathroom design.
  4. Consider your existing infrastructure. In order to properly figure out your new bathroom layout you need to work with professionals. This includes an experienced plumber & electrician. Once you open up your space you might have to rethink your layout depending on where your plumping points are within your infrastructure. Changing your bathrooms plumbing points can help you achieve your dream layout, but becomes quite costly!
  5. Get exact measurements! Accurate measurements are critical when it comes to a home renovation project. Inaccurate measurements can become very costly & delay your project. When you are working in new elements to a space it is important to measure multiple times. Do not be shy! Triple check your measurements before selecting fittings & fixtures!

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