Tips & Tricks to Help You Select the Perfect Kitchen Sink

If you have considered replacing your kitchen sink or are in the process of renovating your kitchen you have most likely noticed you have a lot of options. Who would have thought selecting a kitchen sink could be so time consuming & overwhelming? 

Narrowing down the ideal size, selecting the right material, & deciding between an undermount or drop-in sink are all things one needs to consider before making a purchase.

Here are tips & tricks to help you select the perfect kitchen sink!

  1. Consider the material. When figuring out what the best sink material is for your space there are multiple things to consider. You wan to make sure the sink fits within your design aesthetic, is budget friendly & most of all durable! If you are someone who uses their sink often consider investing in a stainless steel sink.
  2. Size. When selecting your new sink you want to keep your budget in mind, the larger the sink the more expensive. It is important to be realistic about just how much sink you need in your space. You want to make sure you select a sink that is proportioned for your space. 
  3. Location is key. Who doesn’t want a nice view when washing dishes? When placing your sink under a window make sure it is centered under the window unit with the dishwasher located nearby if not right next to the sink.
  4. Give yourself a work zone. Have you thought about adding an island to your space? If so this can easily become the perfect work zone! Consider adding your sink to the island to create an efficient workspace.

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