Tips & Tricks for Designing Your Dream Home

Do you find yourself day dreaming about what your house could be? Remodeling your home to create your dream space might be the best thing you ever do. It can also be the most stressful, complicated & expensive task you take on. 

There are multiple things to consider when designing your dream home. Whether you plan to start from scratch or make cosmetic changes throughout your home, designing your dream home takes time & commitment. 

Here are some tips & tricks to help you design your dream home.

  1. Set a realistic budget. This is the first thing you need to do before you begin the renovation process. With the cost of materials at an all time high, product delays & contractors in high demand you will most likely see price increases across the board. If you are renovating multiple spaces in your home you need to create a budget for each space. Consider doing a walkthrough with your contractor to go over your options & have them explain real-time costs. 
  2. Know your timeline. With construction comes delays. In order to establish a realistic timeline you need to understand the current turn around time on materials. It is important to do your research & communicate with your contractor in order to create a realistic timeline that fits within your deadline. 
  3. Determine your selections early. The earlier you can narrow down & finalize your materials & selections the better. We continue to see a delay in materials which in turn can delay your project. Determining your selections early on in the renovation process allows you to avoid any delays while securing your selections.
  4. Identify your priority items. When designing your dream home you can easily find yourself splurging on items that are not considered high priority. There are certain items that are worth the extra money because you use them often & other items that have more budget friendly options. Consider narrowing down items that you consider “splurge-worthy” versus priority items. With so many companies competing with one another you are bound to find affordable selections that look identical to your “splurge-worthy” items.

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