How to Design the Perfect Mudroom

Are you sick of shoes piling up, winter coats, rain gear, & heavy book bags being crammed into a small space on a regular basis. Have you considered adding or updating your current space to create a functional mudroom? This transitional area is the perfect space to help prevent clutter. 

When designing this space there is a lot to consider. From adding easy-to-clean floors, hooks & storage solutions, to a work bench. All of these items are essential pieces to creating a functional mudroom.

Here are ideas to help you design the perfect mudroom.

  1. Function. When it comes to figuring out how to design your mudroom the top thing to consider is how you want this space to function. Think through all of your storage needs depending on daily use, family size & pets! Once you have an idea of how you want this space to function you can then start designing it.
  2. Allocating your space appropriately. After you nail down the function of this space you can then start to design the layout. If you’re simply looking to have a designated area for book bags & coats you won’t need to allocate a bulk amount of space. If you decide to include a wash room for your pet or a working area you will need to work with a contractor to design the best layout that fits within your current space.
  3. Storage. Regardless of the size of your mudroom storage is a key component & a must! Consider adding storage bins/cubbies to this area for your family members items. Assigning each family member a designated area is the perfect way to maximize your space!
  4. Flooring. Since the mudroom is the designated area for you & your family to store a variety of items the floors you select need to be able to withstand daily wear & tear. We recommend a product that is durable, easy-to-clean, & most important waterproof. 

Even though your mudroom functions as a working area this doesn’t mean the design has to be dull & boring. Get creative with your tile selections, built-ins, accessories & paint color! The possibilities are endless & the choice is yours! 

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