How to Make Your Powder Room Look Larger

The powder room is a space some find hard to transform due to its size, but there are actually multiple ways you can transform this small space to make it feel larger and add comfort. When it comes to remodeling your powder room it’s important to understand how you want this room to function and select materials that complement your current space.

Here are some ways you can make your powder room feel and look larger while adding comfort to your space.

Add a mirror. The easiest way to make your space feel larger is by adding a mirror to your room. The best space to do this is above your sink and depending on the design of your bathroom we recommend going with a large round mirror. You want to make sure the mirror you select fits your space, so don’t be afraid to play around with the mirror shape and size.

Selecting the right paint color. When selecting your paint color for a powder room try to stay away from neutrals like tans and beige and go for a bolder hue like a navy. You can also try out a two toned space where you incorporate a neutral color tone. If you select a neutral color palette consider adding bold details to your space, like matte gold fixtures, or a marble counter top to the vanity.

Designing the right layout to fit your space. With the space being smaller than most of the rooms in your home, as you start to design it, think about how you can best utilize the current space. Do you need more storage? Consider adding floating shelves to the room or a small vanity for additional storage space. Instead of trying to move your current appliances it will save you money to design your space around them.

Don’t over-do it with decorations.  As you start to add décor to your space try to keep it simple by adding small rugs or artwork to make the space feel warmer and more inviting, without filling the space with too much clutter.

Don’t be afraid to go bold when it comes to your powder room to help make your space look larger. By adding a large mirror, incorporating floating shelves to best utilize your space, and going bold with your paint selection you can easily transform your powder room.

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