Having No Regrets

Having No Regrets

The five biggest regrets of homeowners who remodeled their kitchen, according to a CountryLiving survey, are: not enough countertop space, not enough storage, poorly positioned cabinetry, not selecting better quality materials, and not enough power outlets.  The good news for homeowners in Delaware County, PA area is all of these shortcomings are completely preventable. We […]

International Builders’ Show 2023

Hey everyone! It’s Dan from Penn Construction + Design, and I am here at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. After the long 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic, it’s so great to be here and see the buzz in the air as the building industry comes together again. And let me tell you, […]

Creating Unprecedented Value

Creating Unprecedented Value

A combination of increased interest rates and limited inventory of new homes and homes for sale is contributing to the strong demand among homeowners in the Delaware County, PA area to undertake renovation projects in 2023.  This reflects a national survey that found many homeowners want to improve their existing home because the cost of […]

How to Maximize Return on Investment in Your Kitchen Remodel

How to Maximize Return on Investment in Your Kitchen Remodel

Investing in a new kitchen and bath increases the value of homes in Delaware County, PA area.  The amount of the return on investment depends on the goals of the renovation.  Many homeowners in Delaware County, PA area understand that a new kitchen or primary bath makes it easier to sell their home if that […]

Creating Realistic Budgets in a Time of Rising Prices

Creating Realistic Budgets in a Time of Rising Prices

Establishing a realistic budget for your kitchen, bath or other remodeling project has become more difficult because of supply chain shortcomings, rising material, labor, energy, and transportation costs, and global events.  The silver lining is that increased housing values in Delaware County, PA area have more than offset higher renovation expenses. A good rule of […]

The Best Season to Start Your Home Renovation Project

Summer Season Yellow Flowers

Have you been considering a home renovation project? Have you been putting it off due to colder weather conditions, your kids school schedule, & trying to manage after school activities? As we continue to see the temperatures rise we also begin to see an increased demand for contractors. While there are pros & cons to […]

Lumber Prices Continue to Rise, Here is What You Need to Know

Lumber Wood Material

If you have looked into starting a home renovation project you have probably noticed the increase in cost for a lot of your materials, especially lumber. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began & the world went into lockdown lumber prices have increased by almost 200 percent since last April. Many are wondering how we got here, […]

Check Out the Recent Redfin Article Penn Construction & Design is Featured In!

Wood cabinets and countertops in a kitchen

Have you started researching contractors for your next home renovation project? If so you probably have a million questions running through your mind! If this is your first time hiring a contractor to do work at your house, the process might seem overwhelming at first. Thankfully, we have you covered! Penn Construction & Design was […]

How to Select the Best Custom Cabinetry for Your Space

How to Select the Best Custom Cabinetry for Your Space - Kitchen with white cabinets

Have you decided to finally renovate a space in your home that has been on your to do list for far too long. Maybe it’s your master bathroom, kitchen, or even renovating closet space. If you have made the decision to renovate a space in your home, custom cabinetry will most likely be one of […]

How to Stay on Track During a Home Renovation Project

Paint roller with white paint inside a tray

When taking on a home renovation project the first question many will ask is, how long will this take? The answer will depend on the home renovation project. Do you plan to make minor improvements, or are looking to completely gut your current space and start from scratch? These are important questions to ask yourself […]