What You Need to Know About Marble Countertops

One of the top design trends that we continue to see year after year are marble countertops. Marble is a classic & timeless material used throughout the home to add a note of luxury to your space. If you have contemplated renovating your bathroom or kitchen you have most likely considered adding  marble countertops to your space.

There is a reason so many designers keep going back to it time & time again. So what exactly is marble & is it really as luxurious as it looks?

Here are some of the top things you need to know about marble countertops.

Each marble slab is different. 

When it comes to marble, no two slabs are exactly the same. They might look similar, but its veining is what makes each piece unique and different. Veining is the long meandering lines of color that traverse natural stone. This characteristic is what makes marble so desirable.

Impurities give marble individuality.

Impurities are what usually cause people to get rid of specific materials. When it comes to marble the impurities are what give it individuality. There are multiple shades of marble available. Rich colors like black, red, gold & pink are created from the impurities that are present during the recrystallization process. These imperfections create gorgeous, unique & bold designs we treasure.

Use gentle cleaners. 

Marble is very delicate. You don’t want to use products filled with harsh chemicals to clean your countertops. Instead marble is pretty low maintenance and can be cleaned with gentle cleaners. Keep in mind marble does etch & crack easily. So make sure to use cutting boards, and avoid preparing acidic foods on top of your countertops. This will help keep prevent scarring on your countertops, & keep them clean longer.

You don’t need a lot. 

The truth is a little goes a long way when it comes to marble. It can quickly become pricey, when it comes to adding marble to your space. You don’t need to add a lot. Keep it simple by adding marble to one area in your kitchen or bathroom. This allows it to become the focal point in your space while saving you money.

You can never go wrong with adding marble to your space. Just remember to invest in proper cleaning products, avoid harsh chemicals, & don’t be afraid to go bold with the color.

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