Let There Be Light

More than 9 in 10 homeowners reported that high-quality lighting is an important design element for their homes, found a recent lighting trend report and forecast conducted by The Harris Poll for Lutron.  The company revealed that in addition to natural light, homeowners want customized lighting solutions, especially in the kitchen and primary baths. We have found that homeowners in Delaware County, PA area gravitate toward creating in-home spas that include customized solutions that create a relaxing and rejuvenating vibe through products, fixtures, design elements, and light.  

Kitchen lighting also has come front and center. Homeowners in Delaware County, PA area require task lighting to make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable and ambient lighting to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for family members and guests. An effective lighting plan is required to help separate spaces in open floor plan kitchens and homes.  We often specify pendants or chandeliers over an island but recommend ambient lighting solutions for use in the connected living and eating spaces.

Bringing Mother Nature into the home is one of the hottest trends in home design today.  This can be accomplished in kitchens and baths by installing windows, glass doors and skylights that let natural light stream into the space.  When natural light may not be practical or possible, LED lights can offer homeowners in Delaware County, PA area the opportunity to change color temperature and lighting output that can mirror actual sunlight.  

The need for effective lighting is not limited to the kitchen or primary bath.  Walk-in closets and pantries also can be greatly enhanced by effective lighting.  Lighting plays a key role in helping family members prepare for the day or a night on the town.  

Most homeowners in Delaware County, PA area select lighting fixtures based on their aesthetics and may not be aware of the impact that lighting can have on the look, feel, and functionality of a kitchen, bath, or other room in the home. That’s where a professional designer can make a huge difference.  Give us a call at (484) 452-5071 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 24 East Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083, and let us show you the best way to put your home in its best light.