How to Select the Best Custom Cabinetry for Your Space

Have you decided to finally renovate a space in your home that has been on your to do list for far too long. Maybe it’s your master bathroom, kitchen, or even renovating closet space. If you have made the decision to renovate a space in your home, custom cabinetry will most likely be one of the top items you will be searching for during the design process.

When it comes to custom cabinetry the possibilities are endless. The decision is all yours! You can select the material, style, design, size, and finish. If there isn’t something that meets your exact needs and wants you can customize it to create your ideal design. So how do you know what custom cabinets to consider?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you select your custom cabinetry.

Know your current cabinets.  Do you like the current style and finish of your cabinets? If not what would you change about them? Is the height of your current cabinets ideal, or would you adjust them? These are just some questions to ask yourself as you start to design your new space and cabinets. Understanding what you like or dislike about the function and placement of your current cabinets will help you design your ideal custom cabinets.

Evaluate your storage space. Every room in your house needs some sort of storage space. The question is do you have enough? The kitchen is the one room in your house where a larger amount storage space is needed. Thankfully you can design a place for everything in your kitchen through custom cabinetry. As you start to design your cabinets you need to think about what items will be stored where, and pick cabinets that best fit your storage needs. You can add on smart configurations to help create a functional storage space.

Consider your add-ons. Depending on where the cabinets will be going the add-ons you select will vary. If you are updating your bathroom you might want to consider adding extra drawers. You should also consider selecting materials that can withstand heat and moisture. As far as the kitchen goes the more cabinet space the better. Knowing how you want the kitchen to function is key to selecting the best ad-ons. Do you prefer soft closing drawers, slide out shelves, or want a spice rack? Remember to evaluate all of your add-on options as you design your space.

Know your budget. Before you can make any selections you need to know your budget. Custom cabinetry can become pricey. Especially when you start to add up the cost of materials and features. It is important to do your research, and take proper measurements, to better understand how much you need to set aside for cabinetry. Your budget and the size of your space will be the bottom line for your decisions.

When it comes to selecting custom cabinetry remember to come up with a realistic budget, measure your space, evaluate your storage, and consider your add-ons.

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