Choosing the Right Interior Designer in Havertown, PA

When it comes to transforming your home’s interior, choosing the right interior designer can make all the difference between creating a space you love and one that leaves you wanting more. If you live in Havertown, Pennsylvania or its surrounding areas, the top choice for achieving excellence in residential interior design is Penn Construction + Design

We have served clients in the area for over 15 years, helping them bring their unique style to life with custom-tailored designs for each space. Our in-house interior designer, Alaina, has worked with hundreds of clients and has built a successful reputation as a reliable and creative provider of interior design solutions. 

No matter your vision for your home’s interior, we have the expertise to make it happen. Penn Construction + Design offers a full suite of interior design services, from initial consultations to project management and installation. We can handle anything from small projects like painting and wall treatments to large-scale renovations such as cabinetry work and custom flooring. 

What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

Regarding the differences between interior design and interior decoration, it is essential to note that designers carry technical expertise, which allows them to consider a wide range of possibilities and come up with inventive designs for space. On the other hand, interior decorating is focused more on using colors, decorations, and accents to make spaces more aesthetically pleasing.

How do I choose a design style?

During your initial chat with Alaina, our in-house interior designer, it is important to talk about the things you enjoy and do not like. This will help narrow down your choices. Photos are a great way to visualize the design you’re envisioning for your space. Thinking about how you want to furnish the area and how it will be used will also make a difference in which style of furniture you select. Let us reassure you that we’re here every step of the way—we’ll work together to create something beautiful!

What is the most important factor when designing a room?

Unlocking your true design potential starts with having a crystal clear vision of what you desire. If you find yourself uncertain or unsure, enlisting the help of a professional interior designer in Havertown is an invaluable asset. To avoid buying mismatched pieces of furniture and artwork, it is critical to define your style and hone in on a particular theme. Remember: some colors blend together as if they were born for each other, while others are guaranteed to clash. You have within reach the capability to make your living space not only reflect who you are but also be functional and inviting. Take the plunge and trust your own intuitiveness — furnish your home to accentuate the life you want to live!

Why Choose Us As Your Interior Designer in Havertown?

Contrary to what many others would say, we like to brag (because we are that good 😎), and here is why you should hire us to take care of your interior design needs.


When choosing an interior designer in Havertown, it is vital to choose someone with experience and knowledge about local trends and market conditions. Our team works hard to stay updated on the latest industry developments, so we can effectively meet the needs of all our clients. We also have plenty of resources at our disposal – from top-of-the-line tools and materials to qualified professionals – so you don’t have to worry about any aspect of work being done improperly or not meeting quality standards. 

Quality Service

From start to finish, Penn Construction + Design will ensure your project runs smoothly during your project. We take account of your preferences when creating a concept for your space and coordinate tasks to complete it. This includes working with subcontractors like painters and electricians and obtaining permits if necessary. Once everything is in place, we finish off by providing detailed instructions on how best to maintain your new interior design so it looks beautiful for many years to come.

Quality Materials

In addition to providing top-notch service throughout the entire process, Penn Construction + Design also works hard to ensure that our clients get excellent value for money by offering competitive prices on products and materials sourced directly from premium suppliers. We even offer discounts on certain items depending on how much is purchased at once or throughout an entire renovation project; this helps ensure that you get quality materials at an affordable price point without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Attention To Details

We also understand how important it is for our customers to be able to visualize their project before actually starting work on it. That’s why we offer 3D renderings and virtual tours so that customers can see their project come alive before committing time or money to it! Not only does this provide peace of mind for customers, but it also helps us identify potential problems early on so that we can ensure every project turns out just like envisioned by our clients. 

Customer Satisfaction

At Penn Construction + Design, we strive not just for customer satisfaction but also for customer loyalty. We believe communication is critical in interior design projects, and we ensure that we keep our customers informed throughout each process step. Our goal is always to provide timely feedback on progress made while remaining mindful of our customer’s budget constraints and timeline preferences. Hence, they get what they want precisely within their desired timeframe. 

Get In Touch

All these factors combined create an unbeatable combination of skillful craftsmanship and customer satisfaction—it’s no wonder why Penn Construction + Design is one of Havertown’s most sought-after interior designers! 

We pride ourselves on being one of the best interior design companies in the Havertown area, offering high-quality services at competitive prices without cutting corners or sacrificing quality standards in any way possible! We have various flat rate packages available, so whatever your needs are, we have you covered. 

Book an appointment with Alaina today to get started on bringing your dream home to life.